About us


The aims of Fellowship Of Accelerated Christian Education New Zealand are to further the interests of Christian Education at all levels within New Zealand society by:

1. Encouraging, assisting and advising those involved in the establishment and work of schools and home school support agencies using Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum.
2. Promoting amongst all branches of the Christian Community in New Zealand a clear understanding of the Scriptural basis of the Christian educational task.
3. Pooling information and sharing specialised skills and resources.
4. Making known the viewpoint of the Association with respect to issues of public concern or debate in education.
5. To work in harmony and support curriculum service providers representatives and officials.
6. To represent the New Zealand's interests to the Service Provider.
7. Any other appropriate activity adopted by the Association.

The Academic Council

The NZ A.C.E. Academic Council oversees the administration of the NZ A.C.E. Certificates.
This includes applications for non-A.C.E. courses, applications for Late Starter programmes, and ensuring the maintenance of standards.

The current members are:

Mr Peter Thomas, Principal, Living Way Learning Centre, Wellsford (Chairman)
Mr Todd Roughton, Principal, Home Schooling NZ (Secretary)
Mrs Lynelle Steedman, Principal, Home Education NZ (Treasurer)
Mr Carl Robson, Drury Christian School, Drury
Mr Kevin Short, Principal, Lake Taupo Christian School, Taupo
Miss Debbie Max, Principal, Totara College of Accelerated Learning, Dannevirke
Mr Karl Duxfield, SCEE Australia (Provider's NZ Representative)
Mr Slabbert Pretorius, Managing Director, SCEE, (ex-officio)